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Our team has long-standing collaborations with both, academic and industrial institutions on a broad range of research programs. Our major interests pursue in these topics:

The laboratory is equipped with all standard synthetic devices, as well as with process reactors capable of handling small scale production up to about 100 kg/year production and technology up scaling of laboratory processes.

Key equipment:
Excellent mass- and heat-transfer properties of microreactors give this technology many advantages over batchwise chemistry. We believe that microreactor technology or flowchemistry is an upcoming technology in the fine-chemistry and pharmaceutical industry. It also enlarges technological capabilities for low volume production.

Our laboratory is equipped with all the basic devices for such a work and we are currently working intensely to enlarge our potential in this branch.

Our analytical service is arranged in cooperation with the Department of Analytical Chemistry and the Department of Organic Chemistry at Palacky University.

Key equipment: